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29 August 2005 @ 12:51 am
my_sim_stories Colorbars
For use in your user info.

1 Harry
2 Sirius
2 Remus
1 Lily
1 James
1 Snape
1 Lily/James
1 Remus/Sirius
1 Best friends

Take, comment, and remember:
You have to upload these onto your own server. Replace the "your url here" with, obviously, your URL.
If you need a server, try Photobucket or LJ's scrapbook or something.

- You can alter the text anyway that you like, just please leave the my_sim_stories link and the link back to this post in it. (The my_sim_stories link turned into a whole long code in the little text box, but it'll turn out the same if you paste it in your user info.)

- Some of my purples refused to look purple, but just pretend they're purpler.

Toddler!Harry is adorably cute love.

Sirius Black and his many faces are love.

Sirius Black is absolutely beautiful love.

Remus Lupin and his big ears are my_sim_stories love.

This next one uses the same Red picture as above, because I really -really- love that picture.

Remus Lupin is love.

James Potter is slightly deranged, creepy, and definitely crazy love.

Lily, in all her beauty and anger, is love.

Severus Snape is perpetually unhappy love.

Lily/James is love.

Remus/Sirius is love.

Best Friends are love.

___p00f on May 2nd, 2006 10:23 pm (UTC)
Took the second one. Thanks, will credit. ♥♥♥