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My Sim Stories Icons

fitional pixelated lives are best in 100x100

My Sim Stories Icons!
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I've created this community on a whim, so let's see what happens.
Several people make icons for my_sim_stories, so I thought, hey, wouldn't it be nice to have someplace to post them other than in the comments of the posts themselves? Because that's hard. This way, anyone looking for Marauder Stories icons can find them here! Well, it's a good idea to me.

I doubt anyone will join, but if you'd like to...do so! Join, post icons, colorbars, banners, anything!

+ Any icons of more than 4 should be behind a cut. (<lj-cut text="icons here or some text">)
+ If you need a cut, put at least one icon as a teaser above the cut.
+ Credit any icons that you take, and make sure to credit my_sim_stories as well.
+ Icons must be from my_sim_stories. That's a bit of a duh.

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I'm guitarbite, Alex, the moderator, and I'll redo this user info later so it looks more professional or something.